MSG Leaders Summit 2011

Theme: “Melanesian Solidarity for a Progressive and Strong Pacific”.

The Official Opening of the Summit was held at the Vale ni Bose, BLV Complex and included a Guard of Honour followed by a traditional ceremony of welcome ‘Veiqaraqaravi Vakavanua’. The Leaders then convened for the plenary at the Vale ni Bose. The Leaders Retreat was held at Borron House.

The Summit was chaired by the Prime Minister of Fiji, Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama. MSG Leaders in attendance included the Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Hon. Sato Kilman; the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Trade & Immigration of Papua New Guinea (PNG), Hon. Don Pomb Polye, who deputised on behalf of the Prime Minister of PNG; the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Solomon Islands, Hon. Peter Shanel Agovaka who deputised on behalf of the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands; Mr Charles Washetine, Official representative of the Front de Liberation Nationale Kanak Socialiste (FLNKS), who deputized on behalf of the Official Spokesperson of the FLNKS; and Mr. Filipe Bole, Leader of the Fiji delegation and Minister for Education, National Heritage, Culture and Arts, Youth and Sports, Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment of Fiji.

Also attending were the Chairman of the MSG Foreign Ministers Meeting (FMM) and Minister for Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation of Fiji, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola; MSG based heads of Missions in Fiji, PNG and Solomon Islands and the Director General of the MSG Secretariat, Mr Rima Ravusiro.

Leaders welcomed the formal admission of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the Government of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste as Observers to the MSG.

Leaders also welcomed the Government of Luxembourg as a Special Guest to the 18th MSG Leaders Summit.

Leaders considered and subsequently adopted the Director General’s Report.

The Leaders considered and adopted the Outcome of the 8th Foreign Minister’s Meeting Report as follows:

Leaders endorsed the additional participatory rights and obligations for Observers Leaders to participate at future meetings.

Leaders considered and endorsed the Report on the MSG Mission to New Caledonia.

Leaders noted an update on the situation in Fiji and recognized that the People’s Charter for Change, the Roadmap for Democracy and the Sustainable Socio-Economic Development and the accompanying reform agendas are credible home-grown development agenda for Fiji.

Leaders considered and endorsed the MSG Trade Agreement (TA) Study

The Leaders endorsed the MSG Trade in Services and draft framework on MSG Labour Mobility Scheme.

In considering the recommendations of the FMM on the approach, architecture, and guiding principles of the TIS and Labour Mobility, the Leaders endorsed the MSG Trade in Services (TIS) and draft framework on MSG Labour Mobility Scheme; and the Draft MOU on the MSG Skills Movement Scheme as the basis for negotiations amongst members. Leaders also considered and endorsed the update on EPA Negotiations

The Leaders endorsed the Outcomes of the Economic and Social Development Sub-Committee Meeting.

Leaders noted FMM Chair’s report on the 4th Melanesian Arts Festvial that was hosted by New Caledonia on 12-24 September 2010 and organized by COFAM with the theme “Melanesia 21st: Our Identity Lies Ahead of Us”.

Leaders expressed gratitude to the FLNKS for their successful hosting of the 4th Melanesian Arts Festival in New Caledonia.

Leaders reaffirmed MSG’s commitment to preserve, promote, safeguard and protect Melanesian traditional cultural identity, customs and values; and

The Leaders agreed to support the people of Kanaky origin in regards to the revival, preservation, protection and promotion of ownership of their cultural identity, traditional knowledge and expressions of culture, values, and customs.

Leaders agreed in principle to the proposed MSG Framework Treaty on the Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Expressions of Culture, pending decisions by members on the signing of the Treaty.

The Leaders noted the completion and Outcomes of the first stakeholder meeting of the Alternative Indicators of Well-Being Project; and endorsed the next phases of the project, which in general are: to define and specify those indicators of well-being not currently measured; data collection, processing, analysis, and reporting, and; to disseminate the information and begin policy dialogue.

The Leaders noted and approved the establishment of a Sub-Committee on Sports to coordinate all sporting policies and issues for the MSG, including the facilitation and monitoring of the organization of the first Melanesia Games.

Leaders noted and approved the Secretariat Operational Issues and the approved the Secretariat’s Strategic Plan 2011-2015 & Corporate Plan 2011. Leaders also endorsed and signed the Financial Regulations 2011.Leaders signed the MSG Leaders Declaratory Statement on the Implementation of the UN Millenium Development Goals 2011-2015.

Leaders expressed their sincere condolences to the Governments of Japan, Australia and New Zealand for the tragedies that have been caused by natural disasters.

The Leaders thanked the Government and people of Fiji for hosting the 18th MSG Leaders Summit and related meetings and for their warm hospitality.

Leaders endorsed the FLNKS offer to host the next MSG Leaders’ Summit in 2013.

Authorized by MSG Chairman
Vale-ni-Bose Complex
Suva, Fiji