Programs Division at the MSG Secretariat which has the overall responsibility for the delivery of the policy programs of the Secretariat. The Division provides advice on Governance and Sustainable Development, Trade & Investment and Economic Development issues of the membership.

In the area of Governance and Sustainable Development, the Program involves the facilitation of consultations, dialogue and consensus building among members; monitoring and evaluating political developments in New Caledonia including the implementation of the Noumea Declaration, monitoring political developments in the region and providing policy advise on Good Governance systems and initiatives to strengthen institutions; monitoring and development of policies to strengthen security and police cooperation arrangements amongst members; implementing the MSG Declaration on Environment and Climate Change; Promoting and enhancing social, cultural, sports and youth cooperation arrangements amongst the members in line with the MSG Declaration on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); co-ordination of the Melanesian Arts & Culture Festival and Melanesia Game in close consultation with members.

In the area of Trade and Investment, the Program involves……………….

With respect to Economic Development, the Program involves formulating and offering and offer economic policy advice to Member countries, with the aim of improving the welfare and livelihoods of the people. The main areas of work involve the coordination of economic policy analysis, research, and advice, in specific areas such as fiscal policy management, sectoral and structural reforms and economic infrastructure development.

Overall, the Programs Division has the prime responsibility for development, implementation and management of the Policy Programs of the Secretariat including facilitation of the following Constituent Body meetings:

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Programs Division - Constituent Bodies